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Testimonials from Vulcan fan owners

I thought i was buying some sort of techie, very interesting room feature. A scientist by trade, I thought it would just sit there and rotate a bit, cams, pistons and stuff going around....Within 30 minutes the room was 4 degrees warmer than the fire and heating could get it in these frozen temperatures. Without the heating!     

Happy customer

Hi I have recently bought one of your fans and I just wanted to say its a fantastic product that really works and has to be my gadget of the year! Many thanks     


Stove fan has performed perfectly, it really does work how you promised.

The best thing is that it reduces the heat near the stove, nicely spreds heat around summercottage.

And offcourse it s allways fun to show it to my friends for the first time.     


Our stove is run at the optimum temperature (stove thermometer evidences this) for the fuel to burn economically/efficiently and we find that the fan circulates the heat evenly across the room and is strong enough to send the warm air up the stairs (we are open plan) to heat the first floor of our house. The fan is doing exactly what we wanted it to do so for us it has been a brilliant investment.     


The Vulcan stove fan has been a fantastic purchase. No only is it a major talking point, as it looks so beautiful and people can't work out how it works, but it its so effective. The heat is now circulated around the room and into the adjoining kitchen so much quicker. Also once we have the stove up to temperature we can use far less wood to maintain the temperature. A great purchase.

Jason and Kate's stove     

Jason & Kate

Here is a picture of the fan at our hunting cabin in southern Michigan. We have an abundance of white tail deer and wild turkey. The fan is admired by all who see it.

Gary's Vulcan Fan     


It works like a charm.

John's Vulcan Fan     

John - New York USA

Our first impression of the fan is very good as it certainly circulated the heat far more efficiently. We have also recommended it to a friend who has just had a wood burner installed.



We are just about to use our Vulcan fan for the second year, having rested it for six months over the summer we had a cold snap and lit our stove up. The Vulcan fan, once up to temperature continues to work perfectly, providing plenty of warm air circulation not only in the room the stove is located but also pushes warm air around the entire ground floor area. I have recommended the Vulcan fan to anyone who has a stove or is contemplating installing a stove as this fan is an essential tool for enjoying warm winter evenings.